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Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Napali?

A view from the top of Napali.

Lately I have been seeing websites that display a series of large photo's along the top and I kind of like it, although I have not changed the look of the blog much. The Napali Coastline in Kauai is a place I have seen from the ocean three times and from the top three times, although the last visit was so fog enshrouded that I was disappointed.

Like the Grand Canyon this coastline reflects long ages of wind and rain shaped beauty, and like the Grand Canyon and the Karchner Caverns, there is evidence of an old earth.
For many Christians raised on Usshers dateline, they feel threatened by any creation story that would reflect such a possibility. Ussher said his studies in Biblical Genealogy puts the age of the earth as 4004 years, but this was almost pre scientific and most conservatives will date the earth at 10,000 years, and state than any geological evidence is the result of the flood or other catastrophic occurrences.

I have no issues with a God who creates quickly or slowly, because the fight He is fighting against the powers and principalities is a slow one, and my life is passing quickly. Whatever, I rate the view of the Napali Coastline as one of the most moving moments of beauty in my lifetime, and once we rode a spine fracturing pontoon boat and walked among old ruins of a village at the base of the largest vista in the 18 mile coast. Way Cool.

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