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Monday, January 16, 2012

Red and Yellow Black and White

My black and white cat, who is scared of everybody...not a watch kitty, when the doorbless rings she heads for the closet.

When we moved to central Alabama in Dec. of 61, it was for my father's job promotion. From upstate New York to Alabama. Little did I know it would change my views about people and hatred and bigotry. I know the word bigotry is strong and used by people who think they are not against people who are. But bigotry and racism are part of my southern experience.

We were white folks, living in a white neighborhood, shopping in a white town square with a confederate soldier statue in the center. A few streets over there were black businesses, serving black folks, whose kids went to black schools, and that's the way God ordained it and intended it and blessed it. Something was wrong with that picture.

Until Martin Luther King began to join the protests for change, and the history is still being made.

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