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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Old and New Ideas

/Remarkable identical adult twins visited church on Sunday.

I believe that God's ultimate purpose is the restoration of all things. Lots of debate about what that means, but in order for it to mean things in heaven and things on earth, then the idea of resurrection and immortality must define our ideas of heaven instead of the other way around. Our ideas of heaven and hell are unworthy of the greatness of God's plan.

It's a hard sell, but worth an effort.


Anonymous said...

Good session--we appreciate your efforts to get us to think outside the box of what is the assumed Christian position formulated by mis-thought--Eden

Kansas Bob said...

You and I have discussed before but I do like Rob Bell's idea that hell is something we experience on earth. It is why I favor the idea that only folks that are born spiritually survive death.