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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tim Tebow

Golf Carts are becoming more stylish these days, this is a real head turner.

Had a discussion with our Men's Bible Study about Tebowing type witnessing. They all though it was bold and good for the faith. My point of view was how silly the whole John 3:16 talk about the game last week was, and and wondered about what Jesus said about beware of practicing your righteousness before men.

This distracts us from the real desire to see American return to the faith, it won't be showy and star driven and patriotic bring back prayer in school talk, it will be repentance and honesty in the halls of government and the boards of business.

Just thinking out loud.

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Kansas Bob said...

Gotta love a young man that loves Jesus! Especially in the atmosphere of NFL football.

Heard Leno joke about the 316 yards and say that he also had three 6 point plays - not that 666 is any more important than 316. :)