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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How the Honeymoon Ends

Full moon over the Point at Poipu.

If you happened to watch Undercover Boss this week you met the new Owner of Diamond Resorts Internation, which took over management of my home resort on Kauai several years ago. He kind of came across like a cigar chewing bull in a China Shop.

We bought what they called a Honeymoon time share package in 2001 which enabled us to use or trade our resort every other year. It was sold as a way to prepurchase future vacations and escape inflation. HA?!

Long story short, our costs have sky rocketed, and just before Christmas he passed along a bill for us to unexpectedly pay for 65 million dollars in repairs at our resort. Go to Angry Owners at Poipu Point on FaceBook to see the rants.

We had three great vacations in Kauai and one in Maui, one in New Orleans and one in San Diego, but this dude has ruined it, and we are joining others in a lawsuit if possible, and an exit strategy of some sort. It's sad, so many older folks believed the time share promises and have been ensnared in a shady Vegas racket. DRI company has ruined it for us, but they cannot ruin those beautiful islands.

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