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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank you again

My daily photo blog reached 20,000 hits yesterday, which I began counting two years ago. This little encouragement keeps me writing. I remind you of my purpose, which is a daily photo and a daily connection of something I thought about or something that occurred I felt like sharing.

This is not a Theo blog, although I think about God and truth alot. This is not about trying to change any ones thinking, except to realize that every one of us is really like George Bailey. We all want to be heroes, and world changers, and world travelers, and famous, but most of us live modest, small lives, and that is OK, it is more than OK it is great and wonderful.

Hope is a powerful thing, yesterday a friend gave me a book on a few supplements that have shown to help people with heart disease. Sprout's is having a vitamin and supplement sale this week, so I bought them. Will they work? I hope so, and hope as I said is a powerful emotion. Your quick visit during the day fills me with hope that my little life has meaning, but if my readership drops tomorrow to nothing, I still have hope that my life and love and living have significance, and I am not whistling Dixie on that!!!!

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Janet said...

I love seeing your photography, Don. You are quite acomplished. I probably take pictures much like mom did; 10,000 rainbows.