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Friday, January 6, 2012

Being glad in this day

Maui sunset.

My life returns to normal, thankful for a week of rest and recuperation after my heart cath. Laura has returned for a teacher only preparation day for the second semester, I am going to be out and about for gas, some errands and some fresh air and sunshine. I put on some new pants I got for Christmas and a new Hawaiian shirt, the email has been checked at church, Bullitens ready, dear assistant back from her vacation and playing catchup. She did threaten to kill me if I had died this week leaving her to clean out my office.

I did read a remarkable book this week that gently reminded us that the Bible is about the redemptive message of Christ and not about cooking and baking and dating and marriage manuals. We have weakened the message by trying to make it a manual on everything rather than the story of the gospel.

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