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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life as a Vapor

OK, I know I said I was going silent, but the habit of sharing daily is a good one so thanks for checking in.

Anytime you go on a surgical table, you spend some time contemplating your mortality, which I have been doing. There is just no good way to prepare for the possibility, just hope and trust.

Todays picture shows the result of our daughter working 3+ hours to hang four 12 pound pictures on our kitchen wall, not an easy task but a very pleasant result that fills the room with angles and reflected light.

I took some time away from reading, praying and reflecting to go see "Ghost Protocol" with wifey. Incredible story and action, oh if the human body could really sustain all the stuff they make Tom Cruise and crew perform in the movie.

I really want to spend more time in this physical realm. I have worked hard to take care of the temple in recent years, but dealing with a defective mechanism takes it out of my hands for a while tommorow. Lots of dear friends are praying, and I am trusting. I never got to preach to thousands or travel around the world, but like George Bailey, the angels have shown me that I have had a most wonderful life.

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Anonymous said...

My habit of checking your thoughts got the best of me and in spite of your previous message, checked in! Know that we are praying earnestly for the best--Eden