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Friday, January 20, 2012

Diet Helper

I snapped this picture on the way to our yearly mens breakfast, where I violated the spirit of this post with biscuits and gravy, a real throwback to my days in Dixie.

I got heavy on a product called Hamburger Helper. It was post college in our first group home where a bunch of men took turns cooking. It was new in the 70s and so easy to brown meat, throw in water and the macaroni and sauce. It made a lot and it was always eaten completely. Two years of living like that put me near 250 lbs. Only when I left hamburger helper and replace it with a helpmate, ie. my wife, did we begin to address my issues, discover my hypertension, eat right and enter the ministry quite healthy and at a proper body size.

Christians in the south were not health conscious. I started gaining several pounds a year in a battle that goes on today. I was in the health store shopping for supplements last week on a half off sale. I purchased a type of body cleanse created for diabetics, and wow, it is working. Somehow it has taken the edge off hunger pangs and is helping me to eat our boring little meals of a small portion of fish or chicken, a vegatable, and a salad.

In our church, we have become more health conscious as we age. Its nice to see the church learning a little from our health conscious culture.

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