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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Broken World Day

Love the BOKEH in this picture, the blurriness in the background highlights the subject of the flower, but today, the sharp rough background of life was all to visible and vivid.

It started in the home of a grieving wife and daughter, facing an empty house and planning a memorial, then the inside of an incredibly busy emergency room, full of controlled chaos and at least 60 people hurting badly from injuries, organ failures, including a cute boy strapped to a gurney with a spine and neck injury. Hard.

Then to the part of Mesa that is old, and run down and poor, where most of the people ride the bus and poverty is visible everywhere, into an intermediate care facility with the aged and infirm, many men staring blankly, who have no life interest and no family, just sitting.

Home for a hair cut, only to find that I had dropped both my drivers license and my debit card somewhere between here and there. An hour of retracing my steps, locking my card access, praying, only to find that a young kid had turned in my cards to a business nearby. Thankful.

Strange tug in my heart....I am called to go into this world, and relieved to leave it for my gated community.

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