Hawaii 2010

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

You were always there for us

I have the privilege of conducting funerals and memorial services. When I know the person it is very special. Maxine was part of our Queen Creek fellowship 12 years ago, and I prayed with her a week ago as she neared death. I had done the service for her husband, and her son in law while I served that church. Maxine is also the only person who has ever claimed to have seen an angel standing near me one day when I was leading services. Now I am not about to write a book or start a mega church, but she was sane and serious when it happened.

I loved it when her youngest son said her greatest strength as a mom was unconditional love, of her kids, and of her husband who refused to attend church with her throughout their whole 60 year marriage.

I love looking at the life collages that many are displaying these days, look at Maxine when she was 16 and 86.


Kansas Bob said...

She sounds like an inspiring woman.

Small world. Did not know that you lived in the Queen Creek area. My nephew Paul and his wife Maria live in QC and just opened Serenity Salon in the area.. not sure which church they attend.. they have been in the area for a number of years.

Don said...

Bob, I did not realize it was from pastoral ministry you retired. Queen Creek is 8 miles east of Sun Lakes along Riggs Rd. The Church I served was called Grace Community and it became Calvary Chapel of Queen Creek after I left. Truly a small world