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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The fraternity of airline mechanics

All the news today is about air safety. All the focus is on the scanners supposed to stop the crazies bent on self and other destruction. Yesterday I met a number of folks who are the real safety assurance for air flight, a bunch of airline mechanics who came to honor Hugh H for a long career. An Air Force veteran who kept our large B 52s in service around the world during his military service will be laid to rest at the Military National Cemetery in Phx today.

Hugh was a fixer, so good that he often invented tools to get jobs done more efficiently. I asked one man why so many co-workers stuck together in that profession and the answers to me where that they stuck together while airlines were growing, struggling and dying and being sold. Most of them went through many transfers within the airline hubs and many name changes on the sides of the planes, while their concerns were for the complex working parts that keep those massive masses of metal airborne through shear air speed, and God's marvelous creation of air pressure and the wing.

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