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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Hole in the Gospel

This is the title of a recent book by World Vision. This organization is among the top ten ministries helping restore Haiti by sending food, water, health care, and ultimately helping the the long term recovery of the area.

For many decades bible believing churches have wanted to get the gospel to the lost and have them receive Christ as Savior, but we were strangely uninvolved with the whole issue of poverty, gross injustice and the inequities that exist around the world for many reasons.

This is an hole I have been hoping to fill in my own life, and as I have read the reviews of the book want to add it to my reading list. Because our last decade was so marked by huge events that brought great physical and emotional suffering I believe the world and the church are waking up to what God wants us to do with our resources, and even more importantly, with our hearts. If a rising level of the ocean lifts all ships, then we can help other nations and have a vision for the spreading of relief and the giving of hope to the whole world. Lord show us how to fill this hole in the gospel.


Kansas Bob said...

Always wonder why we don't see feeding the poor, visiting the sick and prisoners and sponsoring relief efforts are not spreading the gospel. If we do these things without concern for who gets the credit then maybe God will get the credit?

Dixie said...

I ordered this book this summer and lent it to my dad, thinking he'd read it before we moved. He didn't. He put it under his bed. :)

He read it at Christmas and absolutely loved it. He filled the pages with sticky-notes so that he could write down the important parts when he was done.

I brought it back from me after Christmas. Now I just need time to read it!