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Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals and plans are not resolutions

Resolved.....smacks of personal commitment to change, and as we all know, usually ends in failure. Setting goals and planning time for the things you desire to change can create the environment for transformation, which embraces our own weakness and hopes in a power greater than ourselves.

Last year the Internet took more of my time than reading, although of course much of my Internet time is reading theological articles. I hope this year to read outside my normal genres.

I have set a goal to learn more conversational Spanish. The immersion programs are slow and effective, and need to be used daily to get saturation. Lord help me to have a sense of connection to Hispanics than are all around me.

I enjoy playing guitar, and being stuck in mediocrity is my own fault. It needs fifteen minutes a day.

The wind instruments have brought great joy to my personal development. My daughters flute is now with me, and I am getting good tone and learning the scales.The flute sings with such beauty.

Exercise...first you pay the price and then you enjoy the price. Walking, stretching, lifting, and finding the time to do those things makes this tent flexible enough to enjoy life.

Living in the presence of God is not work, or discipline or duty, it is the very reality that makes getting out of bed and doing anything make sense.

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