Hawaii 2010

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Monday, January 11, 2010

I am tired of debating the dude in my head!

I spent an hour in the Gym today. It has become a part of my life again, and I am enjoying my time at Tumbleweed. I asked a woman who I see there all the time what her motiviation was, and she said...to fighting against the ageing process. Me too, if its possible, or just to say flexible and healthy and carry less body fat.

While working out I listen to music like most around me. But I also realized that I have been having this ongoing debate with someone in my head. I don't know who he is or represents, but I find myself defending what I have come to believe in my head and heart, that which I am convinced is a valid and serious conclusion after a life of serious theological reflection.

I would like to end the debate in my head and just enjoy knowing, loving, and serving the good and beautiful God I have found in the gospel. Maybe he is there representing my desire to help others break out of views that dishonor the completed work of Christ. Maybe its just the slightly uncomfortable feeling you get when you differ from a majority belief. Any way, I am tired of debating this old voice. Would you like to invite him into your thoughts?????


Bebe said...

Are you kidding Don??? I should debate YOUR dude along with debating my own dude? I don't think so :}

Redlefty said...

I don't think my dude will ever go away. And not sure I want him to leave, anyway!