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Monday, January 25, 2010

Former longsuffering Saints Fan

Way too much time on the couch, but it was enjoyable. I lived near New Orleans for almost a decade. I watched Archie Manning play at Ole Miss. I watched him play and lose in New Orleans. I am proud of the sons he raised. I was born in Indiana. What I am saying is that I have already won the Super Bowl, happy either way.


shallowfrozenwater said...

i'm ecstatic that the Saints have made it to their 1st Super Bowl. they've been my team for a decade and i was glued to the game even as the Vikings marched down the field in the last 2 minutes. that interception was HUGE.
Viking fan friends are playing down the fact that they lost, like they were the better team and they got robbed but the fact is fumbles and interceptions don't just happen, they're forced and that's why the Saints won.
yeah, i'm a bit stoked by this too although i can't view the Colts the same way as you seem to.

Don said...

Thanks for your comment and for stopping by, being a fan of sports is part of the fun, I just am always looking for a way to ease the pain of my team losing. I am however, thankful not be to a hockey fan, although I am glad you are.


Anonymous said...

Don, don't forget you also saw Brett in high school @ the Kiln in those days!!

Nice pic of you by the river.


Kansas Bob said...

It should be a great game Don!