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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A small milestone

This is my 500th post, which means nothing except that I decided to build this communication and expression and picture blog to publish throughout the internet for connections to other human beings in the process of enjoying a wonderful life, and that I have stuck with it for a year and a half.

I admire those bloggers who are reaching great masses for whatever reasons, like my friend who constantly shares the virtues of a simple and frugal life. I enjoy the photography sites that teach and share techniques.

I enjoy the debates about the things going right and wrong in modern Christian practice and thought as I have spent my life in the discussion and have the wounds and blessing that go with life in the organized church.

I enjoy forming a thought, be it silly or profound to send to those who click by. Most of you click my silently, and that’s OK, it probably means my blog is not reaching that far or that I have not discovered the type of writing that inspires comment. I am me, and in a good place in this fragile life, in spite of playing the back nine, I still have lots of dreams and hopes and experiences to live. Thanks for reading and stopping by on occasion.

1 comment:

Carmen Andres said...

i for one enjoy clicking through your blog :) should say that more often, i think. happy new year, don!