Hawaii 2010

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Random thoughts and projects

The young girl in this picture read a touching letter to her great grandmother at her memorial service.

We have three fellowships participating in a building project next month with Amor Ministries in the Rocky Point area. I am looking forward to it.

Our date night was to Pei Wei, which is a very unique restaurant.

My copy of The Deliverance of God arrived today. I can't think of a book I am more anxious to read, even at a daunting 1000 plus pages. I think I am an amateur Pauline Theologian, and Dr. Beck's comments on his reading over at Experimental Theology made me want to join in. It also stands of the shoulders of the Torrence theologians and Trinitarian relational theology which has been setting me free for several years from an inadequate view of God the Father's role in salvation. In any case this is one of the goals I set for this year, to back off a bit on web browsing as a method of learning and return to scholarly reading.

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