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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weary with prognostications

I love this country and appreciate the price paid for maintaining freedom from tyranny. I am a conservative person politically. I have listened to Rush and Hannity and I watch Fox. I have always been sensitive to racial and ethnic mistreatment and hatred. It goes was back to to those impressions I got when I moved south and lived through the Civil Rights struggle close up and personal.

In the last decade I have been examining the foundations of my Christian faith and have really grown in the gift of seeing the image of God in broken people and the gift of life God gives to all, and the power of the love of God in Christ. I long to see non violent answers to our most serious problems. It bothers me that this is seen as some impossible pipe dream by most conservatives.

I have concerns about the possibility of losing our way of life and the opportunity this county has affords us to enjoy freedom and the pursuit of happiness. But I am put off a bit by the flood of predictions that we are 100 days away from an irreversable socialism that will cripple our future.

Watching and praying and hoping.

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