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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Point and Shoot

I sold my 3 year old camera and accesories to a friend and reinvested in a small camera to carry around and something for Laura to use when we take our grand kids to Disney Land in March. Amazon had it on sale for almost 25 percent off last weekend. I am using Amazon alot, I know I should shop locally but this is just too easy and so far very reliable.

I did not want something too small, my hand is too large. I also do not, I repeat, do not enjoy taking picture using the monitor screen. I just have too many years looking through a view finder the way God intended pictures to be made, heh!

It reminds me of the Yashica I bought 30 years ago when I first got into photography. I loved that clunky old thing, looking through the viewfinder I used to pretend it was a Leica like those that made most of the Life Magazines so interesting.

So, its the Powershot A590 IS if your interested. 130 at Best Buy, 100 on Amazon last weekend. This means I might actually get in some photos where we take our two kids to Disneyland.

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