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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life Flickrs all around me

My hobbies fill time formerly wasted on TV, as TV has left me. I have very little interest in fake reality shows. Even the dancing and singing ones.

Photography allows me to look at the life happening all around me, to search for beauty. The way our city blends its streets and homes among the foothills in Awautukee is marvelous. Golf Courses, Water, Home, Hills with preserved desert flora and fauna.

I go to the Flickr site to see how other people are capturing their own beauty and I see sunsets that lasted a moment being kept for others to share. Pristine winter snows that disrupted the life of the city, become crystalline monuments to stillness and whiteness. It is beautiful, and I love it as I love God's creation.

Click on this picture and see what I saw as I stopped on a hill to see the blending of man's desire to live amongst the stark beauty of the desert foothills. I thought there was a cross on the hill above, but it was a lone Saguaro Cactus, thorny and proud, overlooking the sharing of habitats with transplanted westerners like me.

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