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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Go to the Mountain

People in Phoenix have this treasure within minutes of downtown. South Mountain Preserve is a leisurely 2 mile drive up the end of Central Avenue with divides the city into east and west. There are three vistas to begin a hike or just look at our valley of the sun.

I am also pretty sure God hears prayers from up there. I have gone at least yearly since moving here 19 years ago and many times it was because I was wrestling with a problem or an issue. But lately my mission was photographic, just to record the beauty for my private collection.

During our time here, South Mountain area has undergone an amazing transformation. Once the street for huge flower farms, and run down homes, the area has become upscale with resorts, golf courses, luxury condos and shopping areas. The south end of Central Ave has horse barns and horse rentals for the park, and an old FDR era welcome station. The park is only open during daylight hours. It always has 50 to 100 cars coming and going, there are some watching benches and of course it is the home to a major bank of electronic and TV and radio signal towers.

I am always refreshed by the investment of time to get above the city and see our huge spread out home to millions of sun lovers. If you come visit, I will take you up there.

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Luis Delgado said...


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