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Monday, January 5, 2009

Skateboard Arenas are awesome

I had skates with rubber wheels in the early 60s, technology way ahead of its time. I was proud of my parents for finding them. We lived in a newly asphalted neighborhood so for a glorious summer I skated everywhere. Remember these things hooked onto the shoes, with skate keys and straps.

Before we moved up to bikes and greater travel ranges, we got the idea of making skateboards. I do not know when they were made available but we just found a piece of pine and nailed my old rubber wheeled skates to the bottom. It worked great. We had several glorious Saturdays shossing down and up a street with a long gentle slope in the area, until those poor rubber wheels wore down to nothing. It is a wonderful memory.

The City of Chandler must have spent a good bit on contructing this huge skateboarding and skating area. The wheels on these new skates and skateboards are super high tech. I watched and photographed them last week, and knew in my heart that we had a blast with our makeshift toys over four decades ago.

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