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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's all good.

Our past president knows that the evaluation of history takes time. I have taken the reader through the first 15 years of our marriage, with the purpose of honoring my wife for the long suffering, lover that she is. My partner, my friend, still mysterious after all these years. I leave the events of the next 19 years to a future series, knowing that we left the south to chase some dreams and most of them turned to dust, but the things that did happen allowed us to grow, and be tested and have some great western experiences.

The Church system treats its servants differently. Some start small and preach to thousands, some have ups and downs. I continue to be a searcher of the scriptures and one who is hopeful, but in all honestly my expectation in finding healthly functioning churches is not great. Our church which I enjoy and which has fine believing Christians, has functioned like the Buick they were raised in. We are meeting the needs of retired people, and we do it with a relaxed traditional worship, a few hymns and choruses, piano and organ, the sermon as the conclusion.
We are doing what we can with the grace of God to share the love of Christ in word and deed. The task of reaching this generation is passing to younger leaders, may God give them courage to try old things and new things.

I have been a minister of the gospel for 33 years, and husband to the Laura in my life for 34, and a wide eyed embracer of life since my memories became recoverable.
President Obama is the first president in my ministry years who is younger than I am. Today I sat on top of a mountain and looked at the city I now call home. Way right I saw the old ASU Stadium were the Cards played for years, way left I saw the New Cardinal Stadium looking like a Giant Space Bubble where they won the ticket to the Super Bowl. Then I looked at the desert and the cactus who have survived the dry and the wet of the desert... and I thought.....I will survive....I will enjoy life......I will finish the journey, with my wife by my side. Thank God.