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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

What a moviegoing experience we had this afternoon. Thank God movies like this still get made. Powerful acting, the New Orleans setting, a premise so odd and beautiful that it allows the exploration of the meaning of life, and narration that reminds you that this is the work of an artist.

This is a story of a 60 year love affair where two people find romance in the middle and a deep love that is timeless. The message and the mood were so well captured. Life is a precious gift, people who are aging are rich, not poor, no matter what our talents and challenges, we should make choices that keep us alive and loving.

It was a powerful experience, go see it.


Dixie said...

Marc & I saw it last week. I really liked it. I want to go see it again. There's a lot to it.

Don Hendricks said...

I remember you saying that Dixie, and since we lived for a decade just 80 miles from New Orleans we used to go over there all the time. It was a magical place before the storm and is mostly still the same in the downtown. Since I work with seniors as one who is 10 to 30 years younger than my congregation I really identified with those early years when he lived and felt so safe among the elderly, in spite of their common dissapearances.