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Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Small Plane Flight

This is a view of the approach to the grass runway above the Salmon River. My pilot flew along the river and looked to see if any deer or elk were on the runway, then he turns and goes in for a touch down. It was exhilarating and the closest thing to a missionary pilot landing I will ever experience. This camp only has access by plane and river, no roads. Theoretically you could get out on horseback if you knew the way. I felt so wonderfully isolated.

In that part of the river the camp side of the river was lush and green, the far side was still bare from a major forest fire several years earlier. I spent time with Binoculars looking for Elk and Bear unsuccessfully. The deer came to a salt lick outside my cabin every morning. Every day I would walk from the camp down to the river and then back up to the end of the runway. The altitude was a factor in the speed and stamina of those walks. Great memory, glad I had my first Gateway digital with me that week.

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