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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thoughts for August

Since my health history has been so fragile, I am always ready for a quick exit. But I find that for the first time I must be planning for future retirement. We know Laura's date, mine is negotiable and dependent on health and other issues. But at least I have some figures to toss around and timelines to consider. I know this, it involves living on less than you are living on now with two incomes, so you have to find out what bills can shrink, or go away and when. So thats a fun project for thought.

All summer things are slow here with so many gone for the summer and vacationing, but August is even a bit slower, a good time for me to gear up for fall with subjects and ideas for helping people grow.

For the first time in many years, my August man trip is not going to happen. I have really enjoyed a week by myself at a conference or a specific area. Last summers Corn Belt trip was so awesome and relaxing and fulfilling, but after spending all that time on the road alone, it was spooky to come home, and in just a few days, experience a heart blockage that probably would have done me in if i was in the middle of Kansas or Iowa. So, no batchelor trip.

I have however decided that an instate short trip is OK, an overnighter to see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, something not done in my 24 years here. It will not be planned until the repair to my favorite zoom lens at the Canon facility, which is happening as we speak.

I heard the road to the north rim contains a detour since a section of the hwy to Page, AZ collapsed in an earthquake last year. Very cool.

So, August, slow, and hot, time for preparation for the fall, time to continue eating right, exercising, and living in the present.

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