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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Status Quo

Made a new friend yesterday who found me on Facebook. Lifelong pastor who really studied the scripture, church where he served over a decade, meeting arranged by church leader to expose his new view and condemn it, most folks too intimidated to stand by their pastor or at least study the issue. Pastor and family fired with no severance money, cast out to fend for themselves.

Do not mess with the status quo of your group, we are comfortable with what we know and believe.

Sad. Thankfully this man had a house to sell and money to transition, sadly about the same time he was diagnosed with a serious degenertive disease and cannot really pursue a new career.

I like the way someone put it recently. There is the Bible people read, and a revelation that comes from that readiing, and the two are not always equal. The history of doctrine is a reality that leaves people with the same bible on opposite sides of so many major issues that an issue not even related to a fundamental doctrine about salvation should leave us with some degree of humility on these mysteries.

Cute commercial set in a puritan village, all dark and forboding, no smiles, just condemnation and fear written on all faces, and they jump on the woman with the scarlet letters, that stand for Miracle Whip Dressing. They prepare to condemn her, she defends herself, and the village leader reveals he too is an enjoyer of MW, Miracle Whip. Very funny, but one wonders how the world view of these puritan villages was really like in terms of social and intellectual freedom. Was someone enforcing the status quo?

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