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Monday, August 5, 2013

Flowers are nice

Laura is repotting several plants whose pots have disintegrated over the years, results of her hobby work tommorrow.

I once read that if a flower in a field were never observed by any human being its reason for existence would still be good, for God created it and its beauty is its own reward, in the panoply of creation. I like that.

Had a sleepless second half of the night, hot flashes from the Niaspan treatments, water softener recycles very long and loud, and something I learned in church triggered an anxiety that has been hard to control over the years.

We enjoyed a refreshing dip in our neighbors pool as a perk for keeping the golf cart battery exercised, Laura misses a back yard pool, me...not so much, for we have one around the corner that I do not have to maintain.

Saw our dove, who has been nesting under the back porch of that home all summer, had actually succeeded in raising two babies who were sharing their cramped space atop an outdoor heater and watching us warily as we swam.

Finished the seried on I John, always a bit of a struggle to discern the next direction. Know I am helping me when I teach and have been told others are being challenged as well.

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