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Monday, August 19, 2013

"When this tent collapses"

The human body does not last forever. I visit a saint weekly who is waiting for the final day with anticipation and it just never seems to come. Her tent is in dissaray and not really providing any shelter or life, but it just will not collapse.

I live with the possibility of immanent collapse every day. I have heart disease caused by genetically gifted SDL, small dense lipoprotiens,my blood likes to stick to the wall of my arteries, and 13 years of diagnosed diabetes controlled by medication and diet.

My heart has plaqued up more times than almost anybody I know that is still on this side of the collapsing tent. And it works on my soul.

My blood pressure sometimes spikes to alarming levels, telling me that something may be wrong in the pump that keeps the tent inflated and useful.

So today and Wednesday I will be undergoing a nuclear stress test which gives pictures of the inside linings of the arteries of my heart and shows if the plaque has occluded an artery to the point of probable heart attack. And it works on my soul.

I am hoping for an all clear, preparing for bad news, hoping to see more years in the loveable old tent, to walk the beaches of Hawaii some more. But you have to be ready, and realistic and prepared. And it works on my soul.

On top of this reflection, I broke a tooth. Got to get it fixed. And it works on my soul. Prayers appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Will be praying both for your tests and for your peace about them.
Eden and Bud