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Monday, August 26, 2013

Duck Dynasty?

I had the occasion to stop by the Berean Bookstore last week. Its on the other side of town for me and I just don't get there often.

It is also evident that the store is less successful and run on a tighter budget since it opened a decade ago. Less Christian bling, as I observe it.

I was surprised by the proliferation of materials featuring the cast of Duck Dynasty and it somehow dismayed me that they are so desperate for sales that this show would be the best representative of traditional values we can come up with.

I think I have reached the stage in life where fame and money lose their luster, where pop culture seems empty. I am not dropping out or becoming a culture despiser, just trying to cut through the stuff that is not helping me. Stilllove watching professional golf.

Praying for those fighting fires in the west, and for the preservation of Yosemite, which I was blessed to see for the first time in 2010, I want to go back someday.

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