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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Neighborhood Watch

Laura and I have found a new hobby as a result of exercising our friends golf cart this summer. The golf cart drive reminds me of the Sunday drives my family used to take back when gas was 35 cents a gallon. We look at houses, and especially doors as we are thinking about replacing our drafy old double front doors.

Two things stood out last evening, this bunny, of which we have many, was lounging on the golf course until we arrived and he tried to freeze so we would not notice, which enabled this picture,

The second was a rust collapse of a tennis light. Thought at first someone had bumped it, but no, the thing just gave way with the rust rot at the botton and took the Fence with it, oh, the joys of maintenance.

Off to share the news and the Lord's supper with our fellowship.

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