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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Golf is entertaining

Kialua Golf Course, Kauai on a rainy afternoon.

I am no longer a fan of Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis. I enjoy playoffs, I enjoy Olympics. But day in day out, Golf as a professional sport has kept my interest all my life. I enjoy being in the Tiger/Phil Era. I enjoyed growing up with Nicklaus, Watson, Trevino etc.

The struggle to remain an average golfer only reminded me how difficult getting that ball to obey your physics can be. And the weekends of the majors are majorly enjoyable for me.

Not a fan of slow play, love women's golf as well, even with the surge of golfers from Asian countries. Those girls are good.


Anonymous said...

Have you played that course on Kauai? We are maybe going there next summer with the kids.

Don Hendricks said...

We eat breakfast almost every other day there at Joes on the Green. Its public, fees under 100, but I never go to the islands to golf. Would love to someday. Kauai has a nine hole course made for plantation workers that has not raised rates for 30 years, under 10 to play. Long list to play obviously. This course is a mile from the course at the Hyatt where Phil shot a 59 couple of Tiger slams ago.