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Friday, August 30, 2013

A bird or a horse?

I had another highlight in 1963. My friends father sold Ford's in Troy, and the week before the Mustang was debuted we got to see it in the warehouse room. Talk about love at first sight. Months later the older son drove a 289 stick shift to college and you really could get rubber in three gears. It was a convertible, a thing of beauty, built on the chassis of the Ford Falcon, and I guess for reasons of family size vehicles Dad brought home a brand new Ford Falcon in 64. I think it was the only new car they ever drove. It became my in 72, and I traded it for a Gran Torino in south florida in 73 with 140,000 plus miles on it.

That Mustang was a piece of creative work that made many men famous and rich, and was the date car of the decade. My Falcon, however, remained the nurd car of the decade....and such is life.

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