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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another proactive procedure

My cardiologist sees a problem developing, not urgent but necessary to do another angiogram.

It is what it is, so once again my heart has informed me through my feelings over the last month that something was amiss.

No fear, just hopefulness that its fixable and thankfulness that I get gentle warnings rather that sudden and painful infarctions.

Now thats an ugly word for interrupted blood flow and heart attack.

The doctor and staff are headed out of town for the Labor Day weekend, as are a bunch of other folks. I shall stay put, relax, and live in the moment.

Sincerly hoping that the small procedure works so we can still see the Big Island in October.


Anonymous said...

So when is the procedure? Headed to Texas Tuesday for bud's sister's 80th but will take iPad to stay linked to the world

Don said...

I will let you know