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Saturday, August 24, 2013

On the flying of time

Today, my youngest child Brian turned 29. Last week he was part of an art show in NYC, and I remember his drawings, sketches, and endless hours of building with the enormous Lego collection we amassed over the years, the one which still is in our possesion.

The thing about Legos is that once you build the thing according to directions, the parts all end up in a huge box and you can never quite do it again, and the good part about that is the creativity you have when you have space parts along with pirate parts. And Brian went crazy with it.

As I write this morning Shannon and Ben are putting together a new set we purchased at Target last night, the grand boy has the Lego bug, and how can you not encourage such healthy developement. Still forking over cash for Legos after all these decades. I should buy some Lego stock.

Legos.....pricey.......having two generations of Lego builders.....priceless!!!!!

Time flies when your being creative. As we speak I am putting together in my head an outline for the end of my two months series on I John. I began by encouraging folks to actually enjoy this life, not just wait for the next, to live in the moment, and I end with the reminder that God himself through Paul, in a text about marriage, reminded us that everyone cherishes there own body.

In a day when people are brutally killing and beating people for sport, it is nice to remember that this life and this body and this Lego building time are to be cherished,....cherished.....cherished. Love my wife, love my kids, love my grandkids, love my body, fragile as it has become, and love my life.

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