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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday around town

Laura's row of potted flowers to be enjoyed.

A non stop day of activity kept me from posting a reflection yesterday. Out at five am for an early tee time across town. Still not early enough to escape being drained by heat and humidity as the monsoon returned. Good to hit the little round ball again.

Dealing with a broken tooth that occurred while eating a salad w/some nuts, or maybe an olive pit. My tongue is scraping against the rough area exposed on the tooth and creating irritation and pain when eating and talking, two things that make life good.

Dinner at Pita Jungle, a fav of our daughters family. Our first time, and I guess the name put me off, but the food was very nice with an Indian style with delicious plates of hummas and eggplant sauses to enjoy with the pita bread. This local restaurant now has several locations and it won't be our last visit. I was so full after the appetizer I could not eat my curry salad.

Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner out makes for an overful cheat day for me, but it was mostly healthy fare.

Why, by the way, when my recent lesson improved two parts of the game, driving and putting, has the iron game decided to go erratic on me? A humbling game, is golf.


Anonymous said...

Home from Idaho--played the course with the floating green--gorgeous.
Who did you get the lesson from?

Don Hendricks said...

Eden, I used to have the Coure De Leane course as a game on my computer with the actual course photos, so I have played it often too. Ha.

I was over at Leisureworld and the graduating class of the PGA school here was offering free lessons so I got a young guy and his instructor. Showed me why I hit low line drives and pull my putts.