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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday memory

I am glad to have this picture, probably taken by Mom. I am in the picture.

My parents bought me a used Cornet in the fourth grade, which I played until the tenth grade. In the ninth grade we were driven to the Henderson High Trojan Band Hall to be part of the High School Band so they could get the 125 marchers they needed. It was a big priviledge for us to leave our school and hang with the older kids.

I was third Cornet and never played long enough to challenge for a higher position, but that was OK because my memories of being on the halftime field, traveling to games, and learning the instrument were very fulfilling.

I have no idea, when we moved between ninth and tenth, why I did not sign up and play through highschool, especially when it was impossible to make the football team.

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