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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Serious Worldwide Shoppers

We went to the largest outlet Malls I have ever visited in Cabazon CA yesterday. People and tiny dogs from all over the world, and many sporting Disney hats from their recent visit were doing some serious shopping. Ben got a Ferrari hat, the girls some necklaces and Laura a Coach handbag, the women has a special thing for handbags.

I loved my morning walk through the neighborhoods, and our first excursion to a Starbucks to get a taste of that bitter stuff they call coffee there. I don't get it.

Ralphs Market takes Frys Cards for discounts, good to know. We had a store bought meal on the back patio. Oh, we also found the Walmart for some needed supplies, including another pair of clip on sunglasses for me, and a bet as to how long it would take me to lose or break them.

I bought a boring blue Van Heusen shirt to replace my aging boring blue preaching shirt with a button down collar that has worn out.

It's Sunday, and I try not to think about my usual Sundays and know that our congregation will be fine today. God bless you for letting us get away for a bit of relaxation and re-creation.

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Anonymous said...

That's an amazing outlet mall isn't it--we go by it every time we drive to
LA to our daughter's. We also use Fry's card at Ralph's and Safeway card at Von's--enjoy!--Eden