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Friday, June 22, 2012

7436 moments of joy and transport

Tree art, only God can make a tree, but a good trimmer can transform it into this crazy door decoration.

I love music, all kinds. My almost four year old I pod contains most of the CDs my family has collected, and lots of cheap downloads. Amazon runs monthly 5 dollar album sales that are terrific.

Unlike some of my younger friends, I am no longer much into searching for new groups, but finding music that I enjoy that fills a gap in my collection.

One of my earliest memories of a song deeply affecting me was Bridge over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel. I have collected many of their albums. 20 years ago Paul Simon introduced Ladysmith Black Mombasa to the world.  This is an African mens group over 50 years old, still being directed by its founder.

The African beats and sounds are so hauntingly beautiful and in this months album they help various artists interpret songs and spirituals in new ways. Entitled Ladysmith Black Mombasa and Friends there are 30 songs and over 2 hours of joy for 5 dollars.

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