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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Medical Researchers

We are excited to spend a few more delightful days next week in that quaint seaside town named San Clemente, home of  Johnny Weissmuller and Richard Nixon.

Dear Medical reseachers, if dementia and Alzheimer's are caused by environmental or nutritional issues, please let us know. If we can stop any practice or start any treatment please let us know. Watching vital human beings wither before my eyes seems more than I can take.

Observing husbands and wives becoming totally tethered as a permanent help mate is so hard to see.These folks cannot let their loved ones out of their sight. Trying to help the children of these victims make responsible decisions is difficult.

Yesterday Bill, a kidder and joker and a man who enjoyed singing and helping was unable to engage me in conversation, barely able to walk, and obviously overwhelmed by the prison of his mind. Heartbreaking.

Please find more drugs to halt the violent behavior of formally sweet people and the accidents and loss that occur when seniors take the car for one more drive and end up in the desert or lost miles from home.

Lord give strength and wisdom to any family suffering with this disease of aging.

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