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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Nine Year interesting occurrence

Window shopping in Palm Springs.

One of the reasons I like to celebrate the beginning of my personal faith, which does not by the way coincide with church attendance which I did off and one up until my conversion experience, is because two other dates of memory brought that date into my mind and helped me to mark some major changes in my life.

After that evening when I began to think about a call to ministry I of course set my sights on college, and then seminary, and then openess to my first place of service as a pastor.  All that occurred and we set a service of ordination to mark the official beginning of my ministry. Turned out to be June 27th, 1976, and I realized that from the night of my conversion to the night of my beginning of ministry was exactly nine calendar years.

Of course the next week, my first message as an ordained pastor, with on July 4th, 1976, our nations 200th Birthday which had all that celebratory hoopla to make the week very special.

I wish I could say the church was as healthy and America was as well off as we were back then, but that's another story, I am just glad to still be in the game, living every day for the joy of the Lord.

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