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Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Charbroil Upgrade

My ten year old griller has been upgraded, anyone want the old one? The new infrared technology worked great last night on a rib eye, and I plan to do alot more veggie grilling on this one. The shiny new guy has a smaller footprint and those side tables fold down to less conspicuous when not in use. Grill cover is in the mail from Amazon but missed a bit of monsoon dust and rain that coated the stainless steel and led to a cleaning.

Had breakfast with friends headed to Kauai and we shared some sightseeing ideas and wished we were on the plane with them. They are going to see Pearl Harbor for the first time, a must do if you get a chance, reminds you why we cherish the nation.

Getting back into leading worship service tomorrow, like bike riding you never forget, but you are a bit rusty.

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Kansas Bob said...

I bought this model two years ago and have been happy with it. Happy grilling Don.