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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Checking in with my old friends

I left my denomination in 1995, but I still know lots of minister friends and appreciated my decades with the PCA. I notice a lot of effort to keep folks in the boundaries of their doctrine, which can be good, or not so good. Any group unwilling to discuss where culture, science, and faith meet might find it hard to keep people in line.

I listened to a song leader in a local PCA church who won a grammy for her song Blessing, which reminded me what I most loved about the church I grew up in. God can speak through pain and He does, we don't have to live in complete happiness with all our desires being met to trust God. Laura Story wrote this song when dealing with her husbands brain tumor and I found the lyrics to be very encouraging.

I do not really feel separated from them, although they would be quick to point out that I am no longer in fellowship. My view of the body of Christ includes them, and lots of others folks.

Getting all the last minute things done before some travel and sightseeing. Palm Springs has been for us just a chance to see the wind machines dotting the mountain passes before heading to LA . We will pause and see why she has attracted so many people to live and retire there. I want to see the pond where the LPGA golfers get baptized at the Dinah Shore tournament.

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