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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Office catch up day

I always enjoy watching painters painting. Once up at the painted desert I asked a painter if I could take a picture of her working and she was very incensed about it. So now I just take pictures of painters unaware, the person below must have gone for a coffee break and was nowhere to be seen.

I always ask my folks not to get sick or leave the earth while I am out of town and they did well with my request this year. One of the things that strikes you about vacation is the way Americans live when they recreate.  No one thinks about sickness and death, they focus on living and enjoying.

In Sun Lakes and other retirement areas we never quite get to forget about sickness and dying because of our age and our neighbors, but we still focus of life and moment by moment joys.

So, today I catch up and prepare for a few things while I continue a few more vacation days ahead. The relaxation was real, the grand kids were fun, the golf was very special, the kindness of those who helped provide this break deeply appreciated.

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