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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hooked on Sweet

We are now a mostly Stevia family, but today I drink coffee with cream only. We forgot the artificial sweetener. We are settled into the digs at Casitas Del Monte, very nice large 1600 sq. ft. condos with a nice pool in a quiet corner of Palm Springs, backed up again the mountain.

Marveling again about GPS installed on the Xoom and how you can find almost anything...that is if you can follow the directions without forgetting them.

We are planning outings, two golf days for me with my friend Larry, who is here for the 14th annual "It's a Dry Heat" Tournament with his northern California friends. The Outlet mall is near, as is a Knotts Farm Water Park, and some museums.... mainly just the change of pace and venue revive the spirit.

We even have our own back yard, shared with a Bunny Rabbit. After my unsweetened coffee I am headed out for a morning walk.

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