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Friday, June 8, 2012


We washed and vacuumed the Kia for travel last evening and laid down the back seat for loads of stuff for four.

D-Day survivors are becoming rare. Every soldiers who died would be very old had they lived, but they did not live. The fact that Laura's mothers brothers remains lie under a cross in Lyon France and not in Edinburg Cemetery in Mississippi tells the world that a price was paid at Normandy.

One of the facets of the restoration of all things that I think about quite a lot is the truths behind the word "recompense".  Very crudely, it means payback for that which was lost. I cherish the hints I see in the character of God that promise that sacrificial loss is not final loss, that things can indeed be restored and fixed. That life can go on for the life cut short.

The mindset of vacation is upon me, a hallowed place where family and a new location and a relaxed mental state produce deep recreation. Recreation is a theological word, amusement is a word that talks about not thinking, ie sitting in a bar drowning your sorrows. Re creation is about looking and experiencing. So....we pack and we are off later this morning..

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