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Friday, June 29, 2012

End Times Expert

We encountered a new huge SUV type vehicle that had an unfamiliar name and new design in California last month.

I have been listening to a set of DVDs by a popular end times expert. He has so many points and proofs that it is hard to slow down long enough to see if he is explaining scripture or twisting it.

He predicts the absolute certainty of WWIII and a death toll of 2 billion people. He predicts that anyone who takes the mark of the Beast to do business will go to Hell, so, my choice is to be lost in the nuclear war. That being the case, there is not much to do in being Christlike and compassionate in this current day.

If, this man is sincerely wrong in assigning future literal meanings to the mystery texts in Revelation then we have a very confusing and contradictory division in the church, and people so convinced there is nothing we can do to prevent a religious war that they become willing to foment its certainty. I really resent it when these experts say "The Bible Says" and then insert some fact or idea that they have connected and interpreted to be the same thing.  Ex. The wound that was healed in Revelation is the reuniting of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall????? And he knows this How?????

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Kansas Bob said...

Always want to hide when someone brashly states "The Bible Says". A friend in our Monday AM men's group said "It is in the Bible!" I asked him "Where?" and he had nothing to say.