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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A big band width Oops!!

I have no idea how this snapshot took place, must have been a mistake, which we all make. This post is the story of another mistake.

We have a small group practicing introductory Spanish to help when they go on the Amor ministry shelter build next month. I have been using a free preview of an online spanish teaching program and decided to purchase and download it for last night.

I had no idea it was so large and it completely consumed the last gig and a half of my band width in 20 minutes. A big boo boo.

Internet access in our world is amazing, and now that is it so successful, many, including the government will try to make it more expensive.

This program is amazing, cheaper than the one they sell in the stores, and it teaches nouns by building on key verbs like , go, need, want, to help you get a flow to the language. Can an old dog learn new tricks??? You betcha!!!!! Hola, como uste usted?

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