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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A love affair with our 48th State

She kissed me again this morning.

Happy Valentines Day, especially to my hard working spouse who is trying to keep a school day going in the midst of cards, candy, and play today.

Arizona became a state 100 years ago, and I became an adopted Arizonan 23 years ago. I vividly remember pouring over a Phoenix yellow pages in south Mississippi before moving here wondering what it would be like out here. For the first few years to mountain vistas kept me in a state of wonderment, and the early explorations of the state remain in my memory and on my hard drive as photos.

I am always adopting states, as my birth state was only the place of my birth and pre memory days.
Indiana- five years, Kentucky-four years, New York-four years, Alabama, five years, Mississippi-23 years, Arizona 23 years.

Random memories of AZ-My shock when I first encountered a man with a holstered gun walking around in a Mall, my first Tarantula crossing a road, my first view of a herd of wild horses living just 10 miles from our first home. My first attempt to dig a hole through "caleche" which is the name for desert hardened soil. The first time I snow skied and water skied in the same month in AZ.

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